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Giving back is a passion of ours. I’m active in our local Rotary Club, travel annually on medical services missions and sit on the Board of Directors for a scholarship group that services the community of Oliveros, Guatemala. 

If you would like more information or want to get involved click on the logo's below and/or just contact me, I’d be happy to share my experiences with you.  

Guatemala Medical Resources Partnership

The Oliveros Scholarship Fund


Our marketing team “Smart Living” is in partnership with a well-established, US manufacturer,who’s store offers healthy, exceptional products that are not only safe, but environmental genius.  And we provide opportunity to improve or expand the wellness of families & individuals. It's most likely you have never heard of this Company and they operate in a manner that is just not common in our industry. 

 I'm very passionate about what this association has done for me and my family, with in a healthy and financial way and welcome the opportunity to elaborate and share my story with you.  Take a few minutes to invest in your health & wellness. Visit the linked website, look around and watch the conceptual video, then contact me for an appointment. An overview of the Company take less time and a workout at the gym, but can pay back with residual benefits.

    Make Green G0 Green


What is an Energy Assessment? Click here to see a video..

Our services will provide you a roadmap to solving the energy inefficiencies of your home and to maximize the opportunities available through the WI Focus on Energy Program. 

We use the latest diagnostic testing,  scientific building evaluation, and computer modeling assess the current energy state of your home and guide us to make the most effective recommendations for energy efficiency improvements. 

We also guide you through the WI Focus on Energy programs to maximize your advantage of the program incentives you are eligible for and the guidance the program provides.

We can refer you to reputable contractors who can propose and complete the efficiency upgrades recommended in an intelligent and professional way.

We also provide thermography diagnostic imaging and design work for additions and remodeling to existing buildings. Click on the logos below to see more information.